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Europe is a region with a tradition in growing fruit that goes back centuries. Thanks to its privileged geographical position, the favourable temperate climate and fertile soil, growing fruit has been one of its inhabitants’ main occupations since ancient times. All this experience and knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation and been made productive in combination with modern scientific methods.

In the Mediterranean, the southern edge of Europe, where the sea washes the lacy coasts and the wild mountains cast their shadow over fertile fields, the climate favours the production and growth of fruit in the most natural way and under ideal conditions. Today Mediterranean countries and particularly Greece constitute one of the largest producers of quality fruits which are exported around the world.

European fruits: freshness and delicious taste!


Fruits are an essential component of the Mediterranean diet, as they are a great source of nutrients, are relatively low in calories and have a high water and fiber content. All these make fruits an ideal alternative for people who wish to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that help maintain a healthy body weight and a good state of vitality.

Fruits, which are usually consumed raw, are fresh and filling and can also be enjoyed in the form of a juice, a sorbet or cooked in various recipes.

European fruits produced in Greece stand out for their texture, aroma, colour and taste. They are produced under the most strict quality standards undergoing controls throughout the year, that is from blooming until final harvest and are collected and standardised in a manner guaranteed to deliver freshness to your table!


— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

Peaches have been grown in Europe since the time of Alexander the Great, with the light soil and strong Mediterranean sun creating the perfect ground for peach cultivation. Today, the European Union is the second largest peach and nectarine producer worldwide.

European peaches and nectarines produced in Greece stand out for their aroma, colour, endurance and sweet taste. They are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and rich in beta-carotene and fiber as well.

Peaches are being controlled throughout all growing stages and, in some cases, are collected ripe and are packed by hand in the field to avoid any intermediate stress, so that the peaches that reach your table, are exactly as when picked from the tree.

Fresh peaches are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed alone or as part of a fresh fruit-salad. They can very well accompany yoghurt, ice-cream, or serve as the basic ingredient of marmalades and sorbets!


— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

The European kiwifruit has a particular sweet-and-sour taste that people love! It is rich in vitamin C and is also an excellent source of vitamins A, E and those of the B-complex.

The European kiwifruit is not burdened with harmful to human health sprayings. Once the fruit has attained the proper amount of sugars it is harvested by hand and put, within 24 hours, in customized cold stores to guarantee the preservation of all the fruit’s nutrients and special taste.

Enjoy the juiciness and freshness of a kiwifruit in fruit salads, juices, smoothies or cold soups.


— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

The apple is a fruit rich in nutrients as vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, antioxidants and pectin. It is the most widespread fruit throughout the world, Europe being the second largest apple exporter worldwide. European apples that are produced in Greece are distinguished for their quality, taste, firmness, beautiful colour and their aroma.

The major varieties of European apples are the Starking Delicious, with their yellowish-white flesh and bright red skin, the Golden Delicious with a yellowish-orange colour and the Royal Gala, which are medium-sized but have a crunchy juicy flesh. Very famous and savoury are the PDO “Zagora Pelion Apples” which are known under their own denomination and are famous for their aroma and rich flavour.

Apples can be enjoyed fresh, in smoothies, fruit salads or even in regular salads for a touch of freshness and flavour. They can also be used in baking at various apple-pie and cake recipes.


— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

The cherry is a tasty fruit and a great source of vitamins A, C and those of the B -complex. aEuropean cherries undergo strict controls so that each year all plantings are being renewed giving their place to new varieties with high quality standards.

European cherries that are produced in Greece stand out for their deep red colour, their large round fruit and their crunchy succulent flesh. Cherries are harvested by hand, mostly during the months of May and June and are packed instantly under strict hygiene conditions in order to preserve all their quality characteristics.

European cherries are very refreshing and hydrating and can be enjoyed in cold fruit salads, frozen sorbets or unique spoon sweets.


— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

Apricot is a sweet, very aromatic and tasty fruit, with law calories and great nutritional value. High in vitamins A and C, the apricot has a remarkably full and rich taste.

Europe’s temperate climate, favours the cultivation of different apricot varieties from early May through the end of August. The most known varieties are Bebeco apricots, which are big with firm flesh, as well as those of Tyrinthos and Orange apricots with bright orange color and particularly sweet flavour that mature later on.

Enjoy a fresh cold apricot at any time of the day that is sure to cool you down while offering you a sense of freshness and sweetness on the palate!


— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

Grapes have been grown in Europe since ancient times and are of a high nutritional value. They contain natural sugars, potassium, iron, vitamins C and K as well as fiber.

The European variety that stands out is the sultana, whose grape is big and seedless. Its durable, juicy flesh and its bright gold colour, makes it a unique fruit that offers both coolness and freshness.

You may enjoy it as a desert after a meal combined with your favorite cheese or nuts.

Safety & quality

— Top quality European fruits from Greece —

To ensure that the fruits have high quality and nutritional value from the production point up to the final consumption, European fruits are in full compliance with the European legislation, which is the most rigid worldwide, while having also the most rigorous certifications issued by independent certification bodies.

Following therefore the framework of international standards, producers apply quality assurance systems being certified according to GLOBAL GAP, IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 standards and protocols, from production up to standardisation and trading of products, coming this way closer to a universal quality system which begins with the field and ends with the final consumer.


— The European Union supports campaigns to promote the high quality of agricultural products —



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