The apple is a fruit rich in nutrients as vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, antioxidants and pectin. It is the most widespread fruit throughout the world, Europe being the second largest apple exporter worldwide. European apples that are produced in Greece are distinguished for their quality, taste, firmness, beautiful colour and their aroma.

The major varieties of European apples are the Starking Delicious, with their yellowish-white flesh and bright red skin, the Golden Delicious with a yellowish-orange colour and the Royal Gala, which are medium-sized but have a crunchy juicy flesh. Very famous and savoury are the PDO “Zagora Pelion Apples” which are known under their own denomination and are famous for their aroma and rich flavour.

Apples can be enjoyed fresh, in smoothies, fruit salads or even in regular salads for a touch of freshness and flavour. They can also be used in baking at various apple-pie and cake recipes.

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